care, Commitment and Compliance

Our core values are centered on Safety and stewardship of the Environment and each of these values is integrated deeply into our daily decision making processes.

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Outrigger's top priority is safety, and it is the company’s goal to eliminate personal injuries, minimize property losses, and promote excellent safety and health awareness by actively involving all employees and contractors working for the company.

Outrigger is committed to consistently providing resources to establish and maintain a safe and healthful work environment exceeding industry and regulatory standards.  Through strong management, employee commitment, safety training and awareness, we can achieve our objective of eliminating hazards that could result in injuries, accidents, or loss of property.

Every employee is expected to take the initiative to ensure a safe work environment and every employee has the authority to stop work if he or she believes the safety of an activity is at risk.  

Outrigger Energy continues to maintain a total recordable incident rate (TRIR) of 0.0 and was awarded the 2016 Gas Processor's award for Best Safety Record.



Outrigger considers environmental stewardship a core value and strives for continuous improvement in environmental performance.  We are committed to strict compliance with all governmental regulations, applicable industry standards and corporate policies related to the environment.

Outrigger recognizes each employee plays a vital role in maintaining environmental protection and compliance.  To this end, the company provides resources to train all employees in their specific roles regarding environmental preservation and compliance.  Outrigger’s policy on the environment and compliance practices is a key part of each employee’s performance and daily operating practice.  Contractors and suppliers are required to meet the same standard of performance.

Outrigger determines, evaluates and mitigates the environmental impacts of its business during project planning, implementation, operation and decommissioning.  We use energy and other resources efficiently in all of our operations.  We are dedicated to preserving the environment in which we operate and maintaining our reputation as a good neighbor and a valued asset to the communities in which we live and work.